Learn a Jazz Standard in 3 Keys in 4 Days

Learn the First Part of the Melody & Phrase 1

Day 2 Slides-PDF

How High the Moon Arpeggios-PDF

Arpeggios over How High the Moon

How High the Moon Melody-PDF

Dog phrase over How High the Moon

Jazz As A Language

Over the years I’ve devised a way to help students learn how to connect jazz phrases and understand how similar jazz improvisation is to everyday language.

When we communicate with people during the day we pull from the repository of vocabulary we have learned over our lifetime to construct phrases and sentences that convey the meaning we are trying to express.

Jazz musicians use this same technique to construct solos during improvisation.  They pull from melodies to previous songs they’ve played, scales, riffs and other devices they’ve learned along the way.

A simple way of demonstrating this is by assigning jazz phrases to vocabulary words and connecting them to form a sentence that is understood in both the instrumental and textual form.

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